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The Smart Suitcase is Revolutionizing Travelling

October 12th 2016 by
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Every so often you’ll come across something cool that can help streamline a busy life. Time is money, so chances are you’ll take what you can get, right? Like this gem for travelers: a smart suitcase. If you are frustrated by common travelling issues or like to keep up with the latest gadgets, the smart suitcase is for you.  Yes, you read that correctly, this suitcase is part-gadget. How the Smart Suitcase Works In a nutshell, it’s a lightweight suitcase that holds your belongings like a traditional suitcase, but also weighs itself, charges your phone, tracks your location and notifies you…

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Save More Money on Online Orders

September 21st 2016 by
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Online shopping is enjoyable for many reasons: you can avoid lines, no crowds, and it can even be done in your pajamas.  If you want to get the most out of your online purchases, here are some ways to get a discount. Utilize Live Chat Services Have you seen the chat boxes that pop up on some websites asking if you need help?  Open them and ask for savings.  You may have to search for a Live Chat option on the website but once you find it and reach a representative, express that you are searching many companies for the…

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Don’t Fall Victim to Impulse Buying

September 14th 2016 by
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Going shopping for what you need can often turn into buying what you want.  If your financial stability is not in line, impulse shopping can have detrimental effects on your finances.  Learn how to avoid impulse buying in order to lead you to better financial wellness. Stick to the List Make a list of what you are going to buy from the store and don’t buy anything that isn’t on the list.  A major reason for impulse buying is stress, so if you can, avoid going to the store when your stress levels are elevated (or, more elevated than normal). Rely…

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Are Store Credit Cards a Smart Move for You?

Posted in Borrowing Money
September 7th 2016 by
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It is likely that you’ve encountered a store’s pitch to sign up for their credit card that offers discounts and rewards.  But should you sign up?  Not all of these cards are bad and some offer great benefits… while others can just cause you to accrue high-interest debt. Great Discounts Off the Bat When signing up, it is most common that you will receive some type of discount at the register, and then you continue to receive discounts year-round.  Cardholders may also be offered exclusive deals as a reward for loyalty. Some retailers also offer bonus programs in which you may be able to…

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Is Price Protection the Way to Go?

Posted in Borrowing Money
September 1st 2016 by
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Credit cards that offer price protection are a tempting offer. Since last year, consumer credit cards that offer price protection programs have gone up 4% from 49% to 53% percent.  When signing up for these programs, cardholders receive a refund when they purchase an item and the price drops in a certain period of time.  The terms of these programs vary based on each issuer and each card. But it can be hard to determine whether or not getting one of these cards is worth it.  Check out these tips to help you make your decision. You Might Have to Do…

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