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Prepare Now for the Holidays!

October 22nd 2015 by
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With fall here, the holidays are right around the corner. We’re taught from a young age that we shouldn’t procrastinate, and the holidays are no exception. Take some time to plan early in order to save the most money. Start Making Lists Write down everyone you need to buy for and jot down any ideas you have for them. For those you have no clue what to get, reach out and ask them to start sharing! You should also write down any special holiday events (parties, dinners, etc.) you’re expecting to attend. Create a Budget Once you know approximately how many…

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8 Ways to Save Money this Halloween

October 15th 2015 by
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Halloween is not usually thought of as an expensive holiday. It comes right after the much more expensive Back to School season, and before the most expensive holiday season. But Halloween can do some damage to your wallet. It’s estimated an average of $75 per person is spent on Halloween! If you have a large family, that can quickly add up. Here’s how to cut your costs this year. DIY Decorations Before you groan, you should seriously consider this one. Halloween is one holiday where you don’t need to worry about things looking pretty. It’s perfectly okay if things look…

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7 Tips to Financially Prepare for Baby

September 29th 2015 by
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That positive pregnancy test sure can bring a rush of emotions! Once you’re able to navigate through the first few weeks, you’ll need to start thinking logically. Mainly, how are you going to financially support another human being? The average cost to raise a child to 18 years has risen to about a quarter million dollars. That doesn’t even include college! Buckle down, because it’s time to start planning and saving. Review Health Insurance Plans A pregnancy typically means plenty of doctor appointments and a hospital stay. You might want to research what options you have as far as plans go,…

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What People Want in Cars in 2015

Posted in Buying a Car
September 17th 2015 by
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A recent post discussed the pros and cons of buying a new or used car. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, that’s a pretty important decision you’ll need to make early on. But what about other factors? Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes with various features available. You may be curious about what most people look for to help you determine what’s most important for you. High Priority: Good Gas Mileage Other than price, gas mileage is usually ranked high on the list of consideration among car buyers. Nearly half of consumers say they’ll consider alternative-energy…

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New vs. Used Cars: Pros and Cons

Posted in Buying a Car
September 10th 2015 by
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Buying a car is exciting! Going to the lot, looking at your options, and going on test drives are all part of the experience.  You’ll also be faced with a lot of choices. One choice you’ll need to make right off the bat is whether you want a new or used car. Weigh the pros and cons in order to determine the best choice for yourself. Pros: New Car You will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which will cover almost everything. You will be able to take advantage of the latest safety and convenience features, and most new cars come with…

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