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Charging Your Phone In Public? Watch That Port!

Posted in Security/Scams
May 2nd 2017 by
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Smartphones have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Even if it’s just there in case of emergencies, having a charged cellphone can provide a serious sense of security. That’s why, when the battery meter starts to tick down, a cold sense of panic rises in your stomach. Many public places have begun to adapt to this change, and provide USB ports in addition to electrical outlets. Rather than jockeying with laptop users and carrying bulky outlet converters, smartphone owners can plug directly into the wall. Sadly, this wonderful public good has become a playground for thieves. Scammers have hooked…

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What To Do About Spam: Cutting Down On Unwanted Email

March 23rd 2017 by
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Q: My inbox is overflowing with unwanted emails. Everyone wants to sell me something, or worse, steal from me! How can I take my inbox back from these spammers? A: Spam is big business. According to web security firm, Norton, 72% of email messages are spam. That means for every three emails from people wanting to have a real conversation with you, there’s another seven that are from unwanted sources. Most commonly, spam email is just a nuisance. It’s another buzz or ding that demands your attention while offering nothing in return. However, spam can be much more menacing than…

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Is Unlimited Data Worth It?

March 16th 2017 by
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Q: I’m shopping for a new phone plan for my family. Is an unlimited data plan a good option? A: On paper, unlimited data seems like a great deal. You can use your smartphone as much as you want and you’ll never be charged for overages. Something about the word “unlimited” makes the plan seem more valuable. You’ll never have to worry about exceeding your data caps again. However, cellphone companies are starting to take advantage of the power of that word. T-Mobile led the charge with a $70 per month (plus taxes and fees) unlimited data plan. AT&T and…

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Boost Your Mobile Banking with These 5 Apps

March 2nd 2017 by
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Mobile banking can make life easier with convenient features like mobile check deposit. You can take your digital banking to the next level by downloading personal finance apps. Gone are the days of time-consuming planning and paper cluttering your desk! Level Money This app connects with your bank account and provides a suggested daily, weekly and monthly spending limit. The app bases its suggestion off of your income and recurring bills, and will incorporate a savings plan as well. LearnVest This app can act as your virtual checkbook. You can link all your accounts together to track spending and input…

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Apple Pay, Tokenization And Security: How To Stay Safe With The Wallet Of The Future

January 26th 2017 by
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The Apple company has always been innovative, and they’re now capitalizing on new technology with their own payment system: Apple Pay. Apple Pay takes advantage of two developments in payment infrastructure to save you time: near-field communication (NFC) and token encryption. Apple Pay may be the most widely accepted mobile payment solution. It only works with the iPhone 6 or newer. If you already have an iPhone 6, you can use the preinstalled Passport app and follow the on-screen instructions for adding a debit or credit card. How It Works Apple Pay and similar services use a process called “tokenization”…

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