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Money Moves Before Traveling Abroad

June 6th 2017 by
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Your plane tickets are booked, your itinerary is set, and you’re almost ready to go – to another country! Traveling the world is exciting and on many of bucket lists. But aside from experiencing different food, language and customs, you’ll also face financial changes. Here are five essential things you need to do before your big trip. Alert Your Financial Institution Your financial institution goes to great lengths to keep your account safe. This includes flagging transactions that occur out of your home country. This means that if you’re using your card abroad, the transaction may be declined. While this…

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Your Personal RV Buying Guide

April 4th 2017 by
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Q: It’s vacation time again. This year, we’re thinking about doing something different and buying an RV, but RV lots seem so intimidating! What do we need to know to take some of the stress off? A: Yes, summer is coming, and for many that means the call of the open road. It might even be ringing loud and clear. Nothing is more American than a summertime road trip, but long hours in the car can really suck the fun out of any vacation. That’s the beauty of recreational vehicles. The road IS the destination; anywhere you go, you’ve got…

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Stay Safe From These AirBNB Scams

Posted in Security/Scams
January 4th 2017 by
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Going on vacation should mean truly experiencing a new location. That’s part of the appeal behind room-sharing sites like AirBNB, where anyone with a spare room can become a host. As a guest of a local, you’ll get a real sense of a location – and you’ll save money, too! However, the system is based on trust, which means crooks will try to exploit it. The Australian Better Business Bureau reported a six-fold increase in scams related to AirBNB in 2016. The service recently expanded its offerings, allowing users to book independently-run guided tours or experiences in addition to rooms.…

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Should You Invest in Travel Insurance?

August 3rd 2016 by
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Is travel insurance worth the extra money?  Some people will tell you it’s a lifesaver, while others will complain what a waste it is. The list of things you can insure is almost endless: airline tickets, cruises, luggage, pets, rental skis, etc.  Since 9/11, the industry has seen growth, making it a billion-dollar-a-year business.  See the instances below to help you determine whether or not it is worth it for your upcoming trip. Success Story For one traveler who went to Columbia to build homes for a nonprofit organization, the insurance was worth it when a gold ring he purchased was stolen…

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Looking to Avoid Annoying Hotel Fees?

July 28th 2016 by
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If you are shopping around for hotels for your vacation this year, watch out for obnoxious fees that are often hidden in the fine print. Hotels have become experts at being able to hide fees, usually only revealing them in fine print on a website, in the final stages of the transaction, or upon checking out at the end of your stay.  These fees are multiplying and include things such as: Early check in fees Early check out fees Cancellation fees Fees for using the room sage Fees to hold baggage behind the front desk Automatic tips for staff In…

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