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Boost Your Mobile Banking with These 5 Apps

March 2nd 2017 by
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Mobile banking can make life easier with convenient features like mobile check deposit. You can take your digital banking to the next level by downloading personal finance apps.

Gone are the days of time-consuming planning and paper cluttering your desk!

Level Money

This app connects with your bank account and provides a suggested daily, weekly and monthly spending limit. The app bases its suggestion off of your income and recurring bills, and will incorporate a savings plan as well.


This app can act as your virtual checkbook. You can link all your accounts together to track spending and input any cash transactions. You also have to ability to set goals.


If you’re tired of those big accordion files taking up space in your office, there’s an app for that. FileThis stores all your bills and other documents in one place. You can set up auto-delivery for your statements if you’re looking to be more hands-off with the process.


You can be your own financial planner with this app. Budget Boss links to your bank account and predicts what your spending and savings pattern will be into the future. You’ll be projected debt payoffs and savings calculations, but remember, this information will only stay true if you stick to your budget!

Debt Free Calculator

This app will figure out the optimal payment strategy for your loans and/or credit cards. You’ll be able to figure out what’s best to tackle first: highest balance, lowest balance, highest interest rate, etc. and develop a payoff schedule that works for you.

Security Tips

Whenever you use your phone for financial purposes, it’s important to do a security check on yourself. Be sure to have the following in place:

  • A PIN for accessing the device
  • No auto-login for apps
  • A way to remotely shut down your device, if available

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