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ePower Plus FAQs


Q: What happens if I don’t have the option of doing a signature-based transaction at the Point of Sale? 

A: You will not earn points for transactions on your Aspire Mastercard Debit Card that are not signature-based. Just remember to press “Credit” at the merchant’s terminal when using your card.

Q: Are there any minimum balance requirements on the account? 

A: There is no minimum balance requirement.

Q: Are there any monthly fees I need to know about?

A: There is a $5/monthly service fee assessed to ePower Plus Checking Accounts without posted Debit Card Transactions during the month.

Q: Are purchase rewards still earned with the ePower Plus?

A: Yes!

Q: Will my courtesy pay be applied toward ePower Plus when converted?

A: Yes! Your courtesy pay should automatically convert over. (If you have any issues, please let us know!)

Q: Will I get new checks or can I still use the old checks if I convert from another Aspire checking account?

A: You can use the same checks you have on your existing checking account with Aspire.

Q: Do I have to let my employers know about this change for my Direct Deposit account?

A: You do not have to let them about any changes.

Q: Do I have to alert merchants about any electronic withdrawals?

A: You do not have to alert merchant of any changes.

 Q: Will I get a new Debit Card?

A: No

 Q: Will Bill Pay be affected?

A: Bill Pay will not be affected.

 Q: What am I giving up by moving from eChecking ?

A: eChecking – 8 free foreign-ATM transactions

Q: Any changes to Mobile Banking?

A: There will be no changed to Mobile Banking.

Q: Do I have to set my payees up again on Bill Paayer?

A: You do not have to set up your payees again in Bill Payer.

Q: Will I need a new login for My CU Online when I switch to the new account?

A: You will not need a new login for My CU Online.

Q: Are there any ATM refunds on this account?

A: There are no ATM refunds on ePower Plus. However, you will still have access to our network of over 50,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs!

Q: Are there any dividends on this account?

A: There are no dividends on this account. Rather, you will start earning points right away when you use your Aspire FCU Mastercard Debit Card. This account is based on Rewards, not Requirements!

Q: Is Direct Deposit required on this account?

A: Direct Deposit is not required on this account. However, it would make sense for you to transfer your payroll to your ePower Plus Checking so that you can get the most out of this account. Making this account your primary checking account, the one where you pay your groceries, gas, entertainment, etc from, will allow you to earn the most points for Cash Back!

Q: Are eStatements required on this account?

A: eStatements are not required for ePower Plus but it is in your best interest to enroll. eStatements are safe, secure and convenient.


Q: How can I earn points?

A: You will earn 1 point for every $1 spent when you use your Aspire Mastercard Debit Card for a signature based transaction.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of points I must earn before redeeming them for cash?

A: The minimum amount of points you must earn before redeeming for cash is only 1,000 points which equates to $5 in cash back – deposited directly back to your ePower Plus Checking Account upon redemption.

 Q: Is there a “max” on the points you can receive?

A: Yes. The max is 80,000 points which converts to $400 in cash. Remember that points expire after 24 months from the time they’re earned.

Q: Can I see my points right away?

A: You will see your earned points after the month-end statement cycle has run.

Q: Can I redeem my points for things other than cash? 

A: Eventually, you will be able to redeem points for other Aspire products and services – such as a Skip a Pay fee on a loan, an increased dividend on a Share Certificate or a decreased interest rate on an Aspire loan!

Q: What if I return merchandise? Will you take those points from me?

A: Points will be reversed for returns. There is a possibility that you can even see negative points.

 Q: If a merchant takes your card and doesn’t require a PIN (like Dunkin Donuts), how do these transactions go through?

A: They are considered swipe and sign so you will earn points. Online purchases are also considered swipe and sign so ePower Plus accountholders will earn points for shopping online with their Aspire Mastercard Debit Card as well!

Q: What if I want to open a new account because of fraud, divorce, etc. What happens to my points – can they be transferred to another account?

A: Yes, they can be transferred to another account.

Q: How do I redeem my points?

A: You will be able to easily redeem your points through My CU Online – our online banking platform. Just click on the ePower Plus Tab.

Q: Is there a minimum transaction amount to earn points?

A: There is no minimum transaction to earn points. You will start earning points immediately once you make a signature-based transaction with your Aspire Mastercard Debit Card!

Q: What is the value for points earned?

A: 1 point for every $1 spent on your Aspire Mastercard Debit Card.

Q: What is the redemption value of points to cash?

A: The redemption value for cash back is 1 cent for every 2 points earned.

Q: Do I have to redeem all my points at once?

A: You choose! You can redeem all of your points at once or whenever the need for extra cash arises.

Q: How often can I redeem my points?

A: Whenever you want!

Q: Do points expire?

A: Points will expire after 24 months after they’re earned.

Q: Do I receive an enrollment bonus for opening a new ePower Plus?

A: Yes, all new ePower Plus account holders will receive 1,000 bonus points.


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