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Financial Services Provider Pittsburgh

The second largest city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is a city that attracts many.  Many inventions arose from the city including the Ferris Wheel, the first smiley emoticon, and the first polio vaccine was created at the University of Pittsburgh.  The city is also home of the Big Mac, Klondike Bars, and Heinz Ketchup.

The city has many beautiful and exciting places to visit. These places include the Phipps Conservatory, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Carnegie Science Center, and the Andy Warhol Museum.  Many people also enjoy visiting the National Aviary and the Pittsburgh Museum.

Credit Cards

While making your way up and down the inclines, use Aspire FCU Credit Cards to accompany you.  All of Aspire’s Credit Cards come with a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months.  Visit our website to find more information on our credit cards and which is best for you.  You can choose from:

Be sure to report your lost or stolen credit cards to: 800.449.7728

Ready to get your new card? Apply here!

Secure Your Family

When unfortunate and unexpected events arise, let MEMBER’S CHOICE™ Borrower Security assist your family in your absence.  If you die from a protected illness or injury before paying off your loan, MEMBER’S CHOICE™ Borrower Security will cancel your loan balance up to the agreement maximum.

Your monthly loan payment can also be canceled up to the agreement maximum if you become disabled as the result of a protected illness or injury or become involuntarily unemployed.

With MEMBER’S CHOICE™ Borrower Security, every member pays the same fee and you only buy enough protection to cover your loan balance.  By using the protection directly with your loan, you save money because you get the right amount of protection, no more or less.  You are also eligible for other benefits such as:

Contact a loan consultant at: 732-388-0477 to find out about what options are available and which is right for you.


Aspire has joined with TruStage Home Insurance Program to offer you more products and services to enable you to do more with what you have.  Using this dedicated team of insurance professionals and carefully selected insurance partners, the program can offer discounted rates for credit union members, online services, and a 24/7 claims service.

Visit our website today and see how Aspire can help you protect your loved ones in various ways so you can go out and enjoy the city with peace of mind!


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