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Financial Services Provider St. Louis, Missouri

A city defined by music and performing arts, St. Louis is home to many firsts for the nation.  The first international balloon race took place in 1908 in  the city along with the first successful parachute jump from a moving airplane.  It is also where the first human heart transplant took place.

St. Louis has many scenic places to visit.  The most famous of all attractions is the Gateway Arch along with the Jefferson National Expansion Museum.  Other attractions include the St. Louis Science Center, City Museum, and World Aquarium.

Credit Cards

Take Aspire with you wherever you go.  Check out our credit cards and see how they can benefit your financial future.  We offer an Aspire Platinum MasterCard, an Aspire Platinum Rewards MasterCard, and an Aspire World Rewards MasterCard.  All of the cards have a 0% introductory APR on balances for 6 months to help you score larger savings!

Learn how to register your Aspire FCU MasterCard in Online Banking with this tutorial.

Need a card? Apply here.

Safeguard Your Loan

Keep you and your family safe in St. Louis!

Member’s Choice Borrower Security can help you and your family when the unexpected arises.  Don’t be caught off guard when it your financial obligations if you fall victim to an unfortunate event.

Your monthly loan payment will also be canceled up to the agreement maximum if you become disabled because of a protected illness or injury of if you become involuntarily unemployed. Member’s Choice Borrower Security will also cancel your eligible loan balance, up to the agreement maximum, if you die from a protected illness or injury before your loan has been paid off.

Every eligible member pays the same fee and buys only enough protection to cover the balance of their loan with Member’s Choice Borrower Security.  You will have the right amount of protection when you tie protection directly to the loan which will ultimately save you money.  You can also receive benefits such as:

Contact a Loan Consultant at 732-388-0477 to learn more about available plans.

Travel with Aspire and be sure that you are letting us help protect your loans without worry.


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Lost or Stolen Credit Cards: 1.800.449.7728

Lost or Stolen MasterCard Debit Cards: 1.866.820.1072